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    Fresco Fountain’s Farmer’s Choice

    Enjoy fresh farm products in fountain city. Fountaina’s Farm house is a place for foodies where you can pick fresh vegetables and take it home or simply ask our chef’s to cook it for you the way you want. You may decide to pick up the product of your choice from our poultry and have it Barbecued with the sauce of your choice.We have beautifully landscaped the farm house, with cosy corners where you can relax and enjoy country music.

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    Fresco Fountain’s Poly Clinic

    Fountain’s Multispeciality clinic has all basic amenities at your doorsteps, which is just a call away. Our Urgent Fountain’s Care Center teams are dedicated to providing high-quality, compassionate and timely care for medical conditions that are not emergencies.

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    Fresco Fountain’s Gaming Zone

    Let your kids and you enjoy our gaming facility with our advanced motion gaming technology. This is safe, family friendly gaming zone. Recess for your brain!!

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    Fresco Fountain’s Bird Sanctuary

    Spend your morning listening to the chirps of exotic birds and have a sip of green tea. Attracting birds to landscapes and outdoor areas is an activity that can bring much enjoyment to the entire family. Landscaping and gardening for birds is gaining in popularity as people become more aware of the benefits of having a diverse environment around them.

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    Fresco Fountain’s Food Court

    Well, probably all of us know having eaten and exploring the street food in India is something we all love to do. However we resist ourselves thinking about the hygiene. Fresco Fountain City has developed a beautiful place keeping in mind the street food that we enjoy eating, yet it is cooked and served hygienically. We have an open air sitting arrangement where you can relax and enjoy the delicious street t food.

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    Fresco Fountain’s Walk-ins

    Relaxing sound of fountain away from noisy city life is a delight on its own. The fountain has a stream flowing over pebbles designed to provide foot massage while you walk. The pebbles are designed in ancient acupressure technique. It is proven to be necessary for physical and mental wellness.

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    Fresco Fountain’s Adventure Park

    Your adventure is here so come out and play. You will get to explore the wonderful sights of your property while travelling effortlessly.

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    Fresco Fountain’s Business Hub

    The elegance and style of Bon-Accord Business Hub, makes it one of the most organised place for holding conferences, events and meetings. Flexible venue layouts, user-friendly technology, creative catering and well-appointed rooms, all combine to create perfectly executed events.

  • Fresco Fountain’s Farmer’s Choice
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  • Fresco Fountain’s Poly Clinic
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  • Fresco Fountain’s Kennel Play Area
  • Fresco Fountain’s Adventure Park
  • Fresco Fountain’s Gaming Zone
  • Fresco Fountain’s Business Hub
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  • Fountain Of Youth
Aster Ville Bungalow – Fresco Fountain City
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Type : Bungalows
Location : KolkataRasapunja